DNS City

DNS City

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The residential complex "DNS city" will be located on the territory of the village of Novy in the Nadezhdinsky district and is designed for 25,000 people.

From the residential complex to the city (OST. Zarya) only 25 minutes, to the stop of the train station Volno-Nadezhdinskaya 10 minutes (3 km).

Building area 113, 3 Ha

Total to be built:
Residential premises-more than 600,000 sq. m.
Commercial premises – 100,000 sq. m. (including business center, retail space, service sector)

in the residential complex "DNC city" construction is provided:

  • multi-Apartment residential complexes of variable height from 4 to 25 floors;
  • 2 municipal schools with 1,870 seats;
  • 4 municipal kindergartens with a total capacity of 1,228 places;
  • Other socially significant objects: health facilities, police stations, fire stations, physical education and sports facilities, and cultural and art objects;
  • objects of trade, catering and services;< / li>
  • Business center;
  • Hotel complex;
  • the
  • Underground and above ground Parking for 14 109 Parking places.

Residential areas will be provided with areas for local improvement: areas for children's games and recreation, for physical education, and for recreation. The mini-city will host open public spaces, such as riverine Park, green boulevards, and city squares.

DNS city is a full-fledged city with the necessary infrastructure.