Aviapolis Yankovsky

Aviapolis Yankovsky

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"Aviapolis Yankowsky" - the largest in the Far East private & nbsp;
Industrial Park, which is a resident of the Free Port of Vladivostok since 2016.  

Aviapolis is located in a dynamic zone, both in terms of infrastructure and in close proximity to key transport hubs. The distance to the city of Vladivostok is only 40 km, to the city of Artem and Vladivostok Airport - 4.7 km, to the city of Nakhodka - 139 km.

Objects of "Aviapolis Yankowsky":


  • Class B warehouses with a total area of ​​52,033 m 2
  • Class A warehouses with an area of ​​28,500 m 2

Under Construction:

  • Class A warehousing area 24 200 m2 


  • The area under built-to-suit & nbsp; area of ​​11 hectares


  • Electricity supply 4.2 MW
  • Water supply 36 m 3 / day
  • Treatment facilities
  • Stand-alone boiler houses for each warehouse < / li>
  • Fiber-optic communication Beeline. MTS Radio Relay
  • Video Surveillance
  • Adjunction to the M40 "Ussuri"

Such large federal companies "DNS", "Eldorado", "Kari", & nbsp; "World of Packaging", "Nevada" and "Samsung" already use the services of production and logistics facilities of Aviapolis Yankowsky.